Our Customers Love Clean Garbage Cans

Real testimonials from homeowners just like you, who love the clean, fresh smell of our services.

Perfect Clean Cans did a great job on our massive trash cans. They were so disgusting. A lot oof you say you can do It yourself for free, and that's great. I however do not have the strength to flip them on their side and set them back up. For me, this is a great thing. She did a great job for the price!

Kristina coordinated a cleaning for our neighborhood today. Her communication and planning skills were great! She made it so easy. The cans look and smell fabulous! Thank you for a job well done!

Kristina came by and clean our trash cans on Monday. They look good as new! They went from NASTY to NICE in no time at all!!

I had no idea how gross my can was until I saw it cleaned. Totally worth every penny!!!

My garage no longer stinks like heck from my cans Thank You!!